NHS Long Term Plan: how community nurses and practice nurses are working together to streamline and standardise care with Q&A

20 February 2020 13:50 - 14:30

Published in 2019, the Long Term Plan (LTP) mentions the terms integrated/integration on sixty six occasions whilst nursing is mentioned 34 times. The Kings Fund (2019) described integration as one of the 5 things we all need to know about the NHS LTP. Integration is the way in which the NHS plans to reduce the growth in demand for care through better integration and prevention.

This presentation explores the benefits and challenges faced by a large NHS community trust and the GP Confederation whilst implementing integrated wound clinics across Leeds. Including the key performance indicators, the IT challenges and the need to understand and overcome the differences that exist between NHS organisations and those in primary care.

Nikki Stubbs, Professional Lead for Nursing, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust