How to run a remote Tissue Viability review service during Covid-19 using digital technology

11 June 2021 09:40 - 10:15

This session will review how the acute Tissue Viability service ran a successful remote review service using an electronic patients record system and wound care photographs.

Telemedicine has been around for a long time now, predominately in the community setting due to distance and locations of teams. Within the acute sector, telemedicine is not used as there is a fixed population of patients and the Tissue Viability team can see patients more easily in person.

During phase one and two of the global pandemic the Tissue Viability team was reduced to one clinician patient facing and one clinician working from home responsible for a patient population of 1500 split over 3 main hospital sites.

This session will explore how we coped with this new way of working and how we successfully kept the service running.

Louise Savine, Lead Tissue Viability Nurse, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust