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Urgo Medical

Urgo Medical is a global wound care company offering a range of innovative dressings, compression bandaging and hosiery. 

We believe strongly in evidence-based care, and pride ourselves on our products having the highest level of clinical evidence available to support their usage. 

Our UrgoStart Plus treatment range is recommended by NICE for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.  Urgo Start Plus is the only dressing proven to reduce healing time of leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.

To help deliver improved patient outcomes and reduced healing time, we offer market-leading education and support through our experienced clinical team.

Our brands include UrgoStart Plus, UrgoKTwo, UrgoClean Ag and UrgoTul Range

Urgo Medical.  Healing people.

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CliniMed Ltd

CliniMed offers a unique range of skin care products that are cost effective without compromising on quality. Appeel® Sterile Medical Adhesive Remover helps to prevent medical adhesive-related skin injury (MARSI) and pain by facilitating the quick and easy removal of dressings and other adhesive appliances from the skin. Appeel® Sterile is currently the only sterile silicone-based adhesive remover suitable for use on intact and injured skin and is highly recommended for high-risk patients including those with open wounds, intravenous access sites, central lines, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEGs), and those who are immunocompromised. The skin care range also includes LBF® Sterile Barrier Film and LBF® Barrier Cream which protect the skin from the harmful effects of bodily fluids, as well as from friction, shear, and adhesive trauma. Also includes CliniSorb®, an odour control dressing to improve patient quality of life.


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ConvaTec is a global medical products and technologies company focused on therapies for the management of chronic conditions, with leading market positions in advanced wound care, ostomy care, continence and critical care, and infusion care. Our vision, which encompasses our purpose, is: Pioneering trusted medical solutions to improve the lives we touch. Our products provide a range of clinical and  economic  benefits  including  infection  prevention, protection of at‐risk skin, improved patient outcomes and reduced total cost of care.

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Ennogen Healthcare Limited

Founded in 2011 by CEO John Ruprai, Ennogen is a licensed wholesaler and distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to the UK and Europe as well as many countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Since it was established, Ennogen has developed a differentiated portfolio of over 150 Market Authorisations, holds the ISO13485 accreditation and is the legal manufacturer and distributor of a range of medical devices including various barrier ointments, creams, soap substitutes and products to alleviate dry mouth conditions.


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Flen Health UK

Flen Health believes biotech innovations can help to build a more secure life for all of us. We want to improve the quality of life of people suffering from inflammatory or infectious skin diseases such as wounds in a responsible way, by providing added value for patients, healthcare professionals, health authorities and society.

Flen Health was established in 2000, building on the results of wound-treatment research performed by it’s MD, Philippe Sollie, a pharmacist. Based on patented technologies, Flen Health develops and commercialises innovative skin and wound healing solutions.

We hold an ISO 13485 certificate that covers all our operations. Thanks to the success on the Belgian market, we initiated international expansion into further affiliates in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, USA and UAE, managed by 100+ motivated employees. Flen Health products are distributed in 30+ countries across the globe. UK product portfolio: Flaminal® Hydro, Flaminal® Forte, Flamigel® RT.

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medi UK

medi UK is a global leader with over 70 years of leading the way in compression therapy. We are proud to develop innovations that improve patients’ quality of life and invest in technology to simplify everyday solutions. We look forward to seeing you on stand and sharing our latest range of products, including the innovative award-winning duomed® soft 2easy®, a two piece compression garment that makes application and removal easy, supporting patient motivation. Learn more about mediven® plus, now available in closed toe, providing RAL compression for venous disease and early signs of chronic oedema. We invite you to explore our latest apps like Hosiery Hunter®, that really does make hosiery selection so simple. Visit us for an introduction and demonstration – we can’t wait to show you! transforms the smartphone camera into a medical device to deliver healthcare at the speed of life. Our technology helps people find the right moments to manage their health. Our home urinalysis and digitised wound care services enable providers and healthcare systems to create meaningful interactions with their patients and close gaps in access and care, while increasing patient satisfaction.

By allowing people to test at their convenience we help systems better manage various health conditions, saving lives and cutting costs.


The ActivHeal® range of advanced wound care dressings was developed by Advanced Medical Solutions to offer an affordable and clinically effective solution for chronic and acute wounds and to simplify the complexities of wound care.

Clinically proven performance - made in the UK
The ActivHeal® products are manufactured in the UK and undergo thorough research and development. ActivHeal® dressings when used as indicated are clinically proven to deliver high-performance.

Simplified packaging – getting it right first time, every time
Their easy to use packaging is colour coded to help clinicians make accurate dressing selections every time improving patient outcomes. Choosing the right dressing for the right wound type can not only save valuable time, allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients but also reduce unnecessary waste.

ActivHeal® Academy – educational support
The ActivHeal® Academy is a multi-tiered online education platform to assist Health Care Professionals in their day-to-day practice. The free online learning programme features nine simplified guides and five higher-tier modules covering a range of topics from wound assessment to dressing selection with the higher-tier modules being endorsed by the Society of Tissue Viability.

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Juzo have been making compression garments for more than 100 years and have the widest range of compression garments available in the UK. Our Adjustable compression system has a unique dual layer to allow it to be worn day and night 24/7. Visit us today at


Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical solutions company.

We’re here to advance performance in healthcare across the world, and we aspire to equip everybody in healthcare with solutions to achieve the best outcomes.

We collaborate with customers to understand their needs. We design and supply medical solutions to enhance performance at every point of care – from the operating room to the home.


Essity UK is a passionate, complete personal care solutions provider that offers innovative products, award winning education, and aligned services. We strive to develop valued partnerships with our clinical & non-clinical customers and patients to improve their health outcomes and support the drive for efficiencies and reduce wastage across the UK health economy.
We can achieve this by going - Forward. Together.


MESI, Ltd. digitalises medical assessment in primary care. Their solutions aim to save time to medical staff, reduce its paperwork as well as to contribute to effective referrals and successful treatment. Their main innovation is the MESI mTABLET, a one-device system that combines digital diagnostic measurements (ECG, spirometer, 1-minute Ankle-Brachial Pressure Index or Toe-Brachial Pressure Index measurement, blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter); digital storage of patient data; clinical support tools; and AI clinical recommendations. The MESI mTABLET is used at medical practices, hospitals and home visits. MESI products are present in more than 50 countries including the UK.

Society of Tissue Viability

We're a member-led charity that uses the power of collaborative thinking and action to solve wound and skin challenges

We are collaborators - We believe that skin health and wound healing is everyone’s business and that change happens when we work together, not in silos.

We are change-makers - We turn ideas into action that changes the way skin health and wound healing is thought about and delivered.

We are crusaders - We are passionate about solving skin and wound challenges and we work to get more people engaged and excited about the possibilities for it.

We are a clean pair of hands - We are led by science and evidence and we never do or endorse anything that we don’t trust or believe in.


Evolan’s wound and skin care portfolio includes our zinc oxide-based products, Ichthopaste Bandage, Viscopaste Bandage and Zipzoc Medicated Stocking.

Our products are used in the successful management of patients with venous leg ulceration and their associated skin conditions, chronic wounds and across dermatology, where they provide moisturising treatment for conditions like eczema and dermatitis, helping to maintain the integrity of the skin and allowing patients to get on with their daily lives in comfort.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our products have been used for decades and are trusted by clinicians with the knowledge that zinc oxide and ichthammol are important ingredients for wound healing and tissue repair.

If you would like to learn more about zinc oxide and ichthammol in wound and skin healing, please visit stand 17 for more information or contact us at


L&R has more than 160 years of experience in developing outstanding wound care and compression therapy solutions. L

We are passionate about driving the self-care agenda for leg ulcer management to support the NHS to free up resources, reduce appointment times and clinic costs, releasing nursing time to care.

L&R have market leading products across the woundcare and compression categories including Debrisoft®, Actico®, Activa® Hosiery Readwrap® and we are focused on supporting the NHS with cost effective and quality solutions including our growing woundcare brands Suprasorb® P Sensitive and Lomateull® Pro.

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Deb X Medical

DEBx Medical is a medical technology company dedicated to revolutionising the management of chronic wounds by enabling their healing and improving the outcomes for millions of patients worldwide. The company focuses on delivering disruptive and efficient wound care treatments that are easy to use and implement in daily clinical practice.

Our first product, DEBRICHEM®, removes the infection and biofilm in hard-to-heal wounds in a single, 60-seconds application. Triggering fast granulation and promoting natural healing. The product received CE-mark in early 2021 and is currently being launched in markets around the world.


AOTI is committed to enhancing access to care, improving quality of life, and advancing health equity. TWO2 therapy is the only multi-modality therapy proven in both RCT and RWE studies to reduce hospitalizations by more than 80% and to reduce amputations by more than 70% with a 6x lower recurrence rate over 12 months.
Additionally, AOTI’s NEXA System is designed to offer clinically effective, affordable, simple and environmentally-responsible NPWT that delivers high levels of performance and flexibility.


Firstkind is a UK based founder and manufacturer of the innovative geko™ device – an advanced, clinically proven wound care therapy device. Through its innovative mechanism of non-invasive neuromuscular electrostimulation (NMES), the wearable geko device activates the calf and foot muscle pumps increasing venous, arterial, and microcirculatory blood flow, transporting oxygenated blood to the wound bed to reduce pain, accelerate wound healing and improve concordance to standard of care, in patients with chronic venous insufficiency and intermittent claudication.  A recently published study shows that the geko device doubles the rate of healing in venous leg ulcer patients, versus compression alone. Now available on prescription in the UK, the geko device brings new hope to patients with chronic wounds.